Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Golf on the Monterey Peninsula

Pebble Beach: go here, now
The golfing world is full of guys who say, "I really want to play Pebble Beach but it's way too expensive." or "My wife would kill me if I took her on vacation to a golf resort." If you are one of those guys, the first thing you need to do is repossess your nuts, you've gone without them too long. Once that is done, click here, read, pick up the phone, and make a reservation. You will thank me.

Still need convincing? OK fine. If your worried about the price, you should be, it's really expensive. Once you're done with accommodations, meals, golf, spa treatments, gifts, etc., three days at The Lodge will cost you about the same as two weeks in Italy. To that I say, "Money well spent." This is no ordinary experience boys. The staff at this resort treats you like royalty. They prepare fires in your fireplace, drive you into nearby Pacific Grove or Carmel, tell you numerous stories about the history of the resort and its guests, etc. This is a five-star place and you never doubt that for a minute you're there. Life is all about experiences and this is one that should not be missed.

Now let's address the wife issue. Guys, this is a NON issue. Contrary to popular belief, women don't necessarily want to spend every waking minute with us. Sure it may seem like that, especially when we're trying to watch Sports Center or the entire final round of the U.S. Open but I'll bet you don't have a world class spa & beach club within five minutes of your front door (those who do have no doubt already been to Pebble). Get her a half or full day spa treatment that coincides with your tee time and you're golden. If you need to sell this idea to her, tell her to invite one of her friends on a couple's trip up there (make sure that her friend's husband, boyfriend, etc. is not a total knob). The girls will have their fun and you will get to play some of the most memorable golf in your life.

Still not convinced? Click here, this site will help you come to grips with the real you.

For those of you who don't need convincing, make sure to try some of the following places while you're up there.

The Tap Room - This is one of the all-time great bars. Dark wood, great beer and whiskey selections, tasty food, U.S. Open memorabilia hanging on the walls, it just feels good. If I lived within 10 miles of this place I would spend happy hour there every night...that is until my liver transplant.

The Whaling Station - Located across the street from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Ask the concierge to make a reservation for you and to drive you there (they will pick you up too). While the name is rather...politically incorrect...this place is a pretty good steak house with a good wine list.

Passionfish - Located in Pacific Grove and frequented by locals, this place changes their menu every day and serves some of the best food in the area. They also have an exceptional wine list with prices that make you look twice. In some cases you would pay more at retail (if you could still find the wine).

The Tap Room - Oh, I mentioned this one already didn't I? Well, it's that good.

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