Monday, 3 September 2012

My Thoughts on Golf

This is a guest post by our crazy friend Jeff from over at Random News From The Links

My wife and I tried to will it into the hole but to no avail.

Do you think the surgeon hollered FORE before going in?

Who are the last vestiges of proud American golf manufacturing?

Perhaps this is why you can learn more about a person during a round of golf than you can from being around him for six months.

Colorful ball markers, all-in-one tools, mugs or anything else you might find in the aisles of Sears, JC Penney, or other department stores. I don’t want to hurt you feelings when you see them gathering dust on the shelf and I am not a re-gifter. Stop the Xmas music! After re-reading the above, I have a better idea. Rather than worry about me, why not just take extra care of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq along with their families. Yes, I think doing that would be the best present of all.

What the f*%@ is wrong with these people!

To all the golfers out there across the world, may the new year bring you health, wealth and a few less strokes on your favorite 18

Yesterday’s traffic was nearly 4 times the norm. The cause? The posting about Sophie Sandolo. It appears that sexy golf sells. Well, sex sells.

This is my inaugural post for this category where I hope to help other beginners, and perhaps some concrete heads, by sharing what I have learned, and will learn, about the best game on earth

I can play golf as long as it is above freezing

If you have to think about your swing while on the course you haven’t practiced enough

On average, professional golfers are far above other celebrities when it comes to setting an example for our youth

The timing and tempo required to shoot par using the traditional finger grip swing is beyond the genetic capabilities of the vast majority of golfers

Some of the rules of golf simply suck the fun out of the game

If you can hammer a nail, you can become a great ball striker

A good golf swing is controlled by the subconscious which is programmed from hundreds of repetitions (practice). A swing thought actually helps prevent your conscious mind from interferring with your subconscious program

Hasn’t the NBA been re-coined the TBA. Thug Basketball League

Based on the response, I doubt customer satisfaction is a company value

In the future I will respond to my instinct and put in the effort necessary to achieve the desired results.

I think many golfers have a little NASA in them. Chasing after a better score by continuously spending money on the newest technology when the Walmart driver would suffice if they would simply work on their swing mechanics

Evidently I was bamboozled by a coworker.

What does this mean? Probably nothing.

This is more of a farce - as is the world ranking sytem

Hmmmm, very interesting. Similar results without all the complication. Sort of parallels the traditional golf method versus single-axis.

Will he have to add getting out of the starting blocks cleanly to his golf practice regimen?

Isn’t there a 2 shot penalty for misuse of a suggestions box?

I was under attack by a couple of parasites - yes, poker and porn - trying to load all my posts with comment spam... Why is it that respectable bloggers have to be bothered by the sewer rats of society?

The line of demarcation is not nearly as wide as the rhetoric.

The only “Fab” I have witnessed is Annika. With these media favorites, it’s more like the F.A.B. 4 - Faltered After Buildup.

Of course, evidenced by the results, I had some blow up holes resulting in bogeys, double bogeys and more after getting thoroughly acquainted with the plentiful hazards

But the path to par is clearer than ever resulting in a very high level of confidence. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to practice my putting.

It was very painful to watch the final round of the MCI Heritage.

I guess this is one way to make sure your drive clears the women’s tee box.

This appears to be a rare example of “landing on a hazard”.

Was it just another slow news day or is golf just the enemy due to its link to conservatives?

My ball mark repair tool now gets dirty

Honors at the tee box is no longer analogous to Broadway opening night jitters.

Bingo! Like sirens or fireworks going off, I realized I had regressed and started to mix traditional swing fundamentals, where the body is moving on multiple planes or axes, like clearing my hips, with my single-axis swing

Second, I finally got my money’s worth from my free subscription.

If you wait long enough, something positive can spring from almost anything.

I have reached a point where I have absolutely no interest watching professional sports with one exception - golf.

What drives me to spend hours upon hours - whether it be on the links, at the driving range or at home - hitting a small white ball with a specialized stick towards a target? Well, quite simply, it’s about the high and the challenge.

If he was playing billiards or HORSE he would have needed to call it. “Off the middle hardwood on the left and into the hole”.

This is a guest post by our crazy friend Jeff from over at Random News From The Links

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  1. Interesting post. You were kind-of all over the place with this one. But I still found it enjoyable. I agree with your comment that sex sells. So, I suggest you add more sex to your website. My two-cents.