Saturday, 3 August 2013

Improving your game with technology

Technology has always played an important role in the development of almost everything and sport is a field which demands various innovative technologies to improve the overall level of the sports. Although golf is not the most popular game but you will find most of the technologies are being used for this game as this game is the most technical one. I have listed down some of the popular technologies which are currently being used by golfers all around to improve their game.
X-Force swing trainer: This device produced by Callaway helps golfers develop a consistent and powerful golf swing. Since it is a club like structure with much more weight than a normal club, it helps in developing the muscles, rhythm and your tempo so that you can hit more powerful shots consistently. The weight also helps in warming up your muscles before any game. This is a must for every professional golfer.
X-Force swing trainer

PowerSwing trainer: The purpose of this aid is similar to the above x-force trainer i.e to add distance and power to your swing. However it takes a different approach for achieving the results. Instead of a club like structure it has a stretchable string which acts as resistance. Depending on your needs, they are available in light, medium and heavy resistance with colors as yellow, red and green respectively. Below is a video which demonstrates how it should be used.
Putting Alley: Golf is not only about hitting powerful swing, after all if  you are unable to do a proper finish by putting the ball in the hole all you swinging skill is useless. Putting alley is a very compact and portable training aid specially meant for practicing your putts. It improves all the five major factors involved in putting such as swing path, putter face alignment, putter face impact position, angle of approach and putter head speed. It is 27 inches long and is meant for improving your short putts but as you get control over your shot putts you will notice that your long putts have also improved.
Golf Simulators: When we talk about technology, then indoor golf simulator is definitely a breakthrough as it can be used for perfecting every aspect of your golf game. Some of the most talked about features of golf simulator is the swing analyzer, launch monitor, ball launch angle. In addition to these top class features, it also allows you to play on real world golf courses in a simulated environment. With this you can practice any international course at your home with your own set of clubs and balls. A basic simulator has a projector, a huge projector screen in front of you and the sensors to take all the information of the ball and club for the software to calculate the result of the shots.

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